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So You Got a New Client ... now what?

Every professional business needs clients: lawyers, doctors, accountants, engineers, architects ... ANY and EVERY professional business needs clients. In today's age of fast action, snap judgments, fake news, alternative facts (you name it), building enough TRUST to acquire a new client is difficult. So once you have a new client, are you doing what it takes to keep your client? All that TRUST you created and developed to get the client can be lost in a nano-second - and often because the client misunderstood something very small. You can avoid this mishap altogether!

Building Trust-Handshake

One of the best ways to assure that your trusting relationship grows is to inform and educate your client on the nature of your business and what you deliver. Don't keep what you do a mystery. This is your CLIENT - bring them into your inner circle with in-depth information that helps your client understand the magnitude of your service as well as the limitations. Be straightforward, honest, even vulnerable and see trust grow.

One way to deliver that information is to write a book that contains the information that describes what you do and how you help clients. This is information that would be useful to all of your clients. Your book not only establishes you as an unquestionable authority in your business field, but also provides your client with a resource and reference beyond your first meeting and beyond just delivery of services. Your client will be thrilled to receive a copy of your book (yes, it's a giveaway). When written properly, it will be your client's resource as well as a business card that is never thrown away. You will be providing added value for your relationship - why would your client go anywhere else?

It's much easier to cultivate a good client into a great client than it is to acquire a new client. So if you have a new client ... be sure you are cultivating that client to become a great client.

Write a Book! (It's easier than you think.)

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