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consult to press

Torii Publishing has the capability and know-how to coach you through every step of the writing and publishing process.  We begin with a needs assessment to determine if publishing is right for you at this time. From there, our flexible choice of offerings allow for you to engage on a level that is attainable.


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Submissions are accepted via email only. Include the word QUERY in the subject line and the title of your work. Please send a one-page query letter which identifies the category of your work, the title, the length (word count), and provide a brief overview of your project, credentials and previous publishing history, if any. Include as much as you can, even if it is a book in the conceptual stage. If we are interested in your concept/work, we will ask you to send a complete book proposal. 

Please put the entire Query letter in the body of the email, NOT as an attachment. Be sure to include your contact details (email address and phone number). If you have relevant writing experience (articles, other books), and/or have received writing awards, please include those details as well.  Let us know if you’re submitting a query letter to other literary agencies at the same time, and please keep us apprised of any offers of representation.

Please note: Unsolicited submissions via Twitter, LinkedIn or other social media sites will not be considered.


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Once we have indicated our interest,  prepare a Book Proposal.  Email your Book Proposal to us at


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Gateway is our assessment program. Our team reviews your BOOK PROPOSAL to determine where you are in the process -- validity of idea, strength in writing, etc. This stage demonstrates your level of commitment toward producing an excellent product that you can use as a marketing tool or platform for sharing your expertise. After the Gateway Consultation, you will walk away with a detailed assessment of your idea or manuscript--valuable feedback to move you forward and bring you closer to publishing your book.


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After the Gateway Consultation, together, we will determined your phase of book development. Based on your phase and intended results, we will provide you with a detailed proposal and package to get your book to press. 

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