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Book Publishing Reality Check

In late October, I flew to Los Angeles to attend the Author101University, a collection of authors, publishers, marketing gurus, internet specialists, image consultants and every kind of person involved in the book publishing industry. It's a big industry.

I brought several copies of my #1 Bestseller What Every Good Lawyer Wants You to Know, and came home with zero copies. Now THAT was fun - giving my books to others in the industry to look at and make comment.

First and foremost, I learned a lot ... I learned about screenplays, movies, television, radio shows ... literary agents, book proposals, major publishing and self-publishing companies.

Did you know that the average non-fiction book sells about 100-250 copies? That tells you that many books are written and published that no one is interested in reading (or not well written - and I've seen plenty of those). So you can imagine, this is a competitive industry with more failures than successes. Yet, here I am in the middle of yet another competitive industry. Go figure.

And I learned that, as with any industry, the more you learn, the more you realize what you don't know -- which makes for an intriguing and perpetually interesting journey.

I must say, though, that one of the most interesting and rewarding aspects of this industry is the people you meet. Writers are creatives and naturally bring unique perspectives. I was in Los Angeles only 3 days and made so many new friends and connections, many who were experienced and wise, but all of whom were unique and interesting.

I met Brent Sampson, CEO of, who by the way, included my picture in HIS BLOG! I met Season Burch of, and I expect we will become long-lasting friends and colleagues. I met so many people, I couldn't possibly show and list everyone here.

But I have to include meeting Gary Goldstein, producer of Pretty Woman, because he was so generous to listen to me and give me thoughtful advice. I also observed him doing the same for so many attendees, including a very young woman who had aspirations of becoming a screenwriter. By the time the event was over, I was more impressed with the man, than his accomplishments. That says a lot about the man.

If you ever wondered about the world of publishing, head to Author101University. It's interesting and challenging.

So what's in store now? Torii Publishing is now up and running. I had a dream to publish a book and I did it. Now I want to help others who have the same dream and help them get their books written and published. Do you have a book in you? Maybe it's time to get writing and get yours published!

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